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Tracking Feline Osteoarthritis with Google Cloud ML for Zoetis

We developed a machine learning-based solution for Zoetis that allows cat owners to identify osteoporosis in their pets through a video recording, leveraging various Google Cloud products to create a fully-functional application and provide valuable insights for early intervention and reduced vet visits.

With nearly 40% of cats showing signs of osteoarthritis, Zoetis turned to us to develop a machine learning-based solution that could help cat owners identify the condition without visiting a veterinarian. Leveraging our expertise, we took on the task of creating and training the ML model from scratch.

To bring the concept to life, we used various Google Cloud products. We employed the Google API Platform, Google App Engine, Google BigQuery, Google Video AI, Google Cloud Vision, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Kubernetes Engine. This comprehensive technological setup enabled us to host the web application, analyse video content, derive insights from images, and store and access data effectively.

The result of this collaboration was a fully-functional application capable of accurately detecting the presence of osteoporosis in cats. By simply recording a video of their feline companion, cat owners can receive valuable insights regarding their pet's health condition, providing early intervention opportunities and avoiding unnecessary vet visits.


Google API Platform

Google App Engine

Google BigQuery

Google Video AI

Google Cloud Vision

Google Cloud Storage

Google Kubernetes Engine