Unifi offers fast, simple personal loans to formally employed people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their loans can be accessed through branches, websites and apps in Zambia, South Africa, Uganda and Kenya. Their application is 100% online, so you can apply anytime, anywhere. No queues, papers or meetings.

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Seamless Migration and Enhanced Analytics for Unifi

We successfully replicated a large on-premise database into Google Cloud for Unifi, utilising secure VPN communication, CloudSQL, BigQuery, and Looker to enhance data accessibility, and analytics capabilities, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

When faced with the challenge of replicating a massive on-premise database of approximately 2TB into Google Cloud, Unifi turned to us for a solution that would ensure a secure and efficient migration process. We embarked on the task by implementing a VPN setup, enabling secure communication between on-premise servers and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) CloudSQL. This allowed for the backup of SQL instances from on-premises to CloudSQL, ensuring the safety and accessibility of vital data. The data from the CloudSQL instance was then seamlessly transferred to BigQuery for comprehensive analysis and insights. To optimise the migration process, we utilised Mydumper to split the database into smaller files, leveraging multithreading capabilities for faster and more efficient copying onto Google Cloud Storage. The restored database was then allocated multithreaded resources using the Myloader restore method through a Cloud Compute instance.

Throughout the migration, CloudSQL, Cloud VPN, and BigQuery were instrumental in facilitating a smooth and secure transfer of data. Additionally, Looker was utilised for data analytics, empowering Unifi with powerful insights and visualizations through intuitive dashboards. The project delivered Unifi a secure, cloud-based disaster recovery solution, combining GCP CloudSQL, BigQuery, and Looker. This comprehensive solution enhanced data accessibility, and analytics capabilities, and fostered data-driven decision-making, setting the stage for Unifi's continued growth and success.


Google Cloud Platform CloudSQL

Google Cloud Storage

Transforming Work with Google Workspace for Unifi

We successfully migrated and deployed Unifi from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, encompassing 500 users across 5 countries while ensuring secure endpoint management, policy enforcement, and comprehensive training on Google applications.

We migrated and deployed Unifi from Microsoft 365 into Google Workspace. In total, we deployed 500 users spread over 5 countries. We migrated all email, documents (OneDrive) and SharePoint sites into the Google Workspace ecosystem using a combination of built-in Google tools and the 3rd party Cloud migrator tool. 

Setup and configuration included various DNS changes, standard and dynamic groups, security roles, shared drives, and delegate access accounts. End-point management was done via GCPW and Chrome-managed browsers to ensure security and policy enforcement down to the computer and mobile device level. Additionally, we provided training on the various Google applications ranging from orientation to intermediate/advanced user and administrator functions.


Google Workspace