MyTopDog and CambriLearn provide a smarter way to learn with personalised digital educational platforms.

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Blazing a Trail in Personalised Education with Salesforce for MyTopDog

We partnered with MyTopDog and CambriLearn to deliver an industry-leading customer experience, building comprehensive learning portals and leveraging data-driven insights to personalise education and support their rapid growth.
“With Salesforce, we’re levelling the playing field and helping the next generation of students to achieve their full potential.” Ryan Swartzberg, Founder, MyTopDog and CambriLearn

To support their rapid growth and deliver an industry-leading experience, MyTopDog and CabriLearn turned to us for our high-touch customer engagement capabilities. Working with us, we implemented Sales Cloud to transform their lead pipeline and provide a seamless product experience. Service Cloud enabled efficient ticket management and integration with Slack for streamlined support. Through Heroku, comprehensive learning portals were built, catering to students, teachers, and parents with unique logins and tailored dashboards.

Salesforce empowered them to level the playing field in education, achieve business goals, and support students in reaching their full potential. With data-driven insights, the platforms can track engagement, measure learning outcomes, and personalise education to meet individual needs. The partnership ensures ongoing growth and adaptation of the platforms, with plans to implement Tableau CRM for operational analysis and explore Marketing Cloud for enhanced marketing efforts.

“Strong partnerships are key to successful digital transformations. CloudSmiths has a thorough understanding of our business and the team is committing to bringing our ambitions to life.” Ryan Swartzberg, Founder

By offering flexible and personalised learning experiences, they make high-quality education more accessible, empowering students to embrace their strengths and weaknesses and shape a brighter future.


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