Takealot is South Africa's leading e-commerce retailer, offering a vast selection of products across various categories, such as electronics, home appliances, fashion, and more. With its user-friendly interface, responsive customer service, and fast delivery, Takealot is a top choice for many South African shoppers.

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Supplier Onboarding Made Simple for Takealot

The collaboration resulted in improved campaign booking, enhanced visibility, increased forecasting accuracy, and a streamlined supplier onboarding process, empowering Takealot with a more efficient digital sales division and driving customer success.

We also successfully transformed Takealot's supplier onboarding process, revolutionising their operations and driving customer success. Takealot faced the challenge of efficiently managing a high volume of new supplier leads. Recognising the importance of a robust lead generation and sales process, we implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud - Enterprise Edition to streamline and enhance Takealot's operations.

We began by gaining a comprehensive understanding of Takealot's products, services, and target market, capturing crucial information within Salesforce. This enabled Takealot's sales representatives to have meaningful conversations with potential suppliers armed with relevant data. Salesforce Sales Cloud efficiently managed the opportunity process, automating status updates and ensuring no potential partnership was overlooked. To optimise the onboarding process, we configured Salesforce to capture essential details such as contract information, pricing, and delivery requirements. This standardised and replicable process saved valuable time and resources. Additionally, CloudSmiths customised Salesforce to include buyable SKUs and implemented a point-based system to track supplier performance, allowing Takealot to monitor and reward their suppliers based on their contributions.

With our expertise and Salesforce's powerful capabilities, they experienced significant improvements in their supplier onboarding process. The streamlined process and post-client management tools enabled them to efficiently manage a high volume of leads, build strong partnerships, and drive growth.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Optimising Digital Advertising Sales for Takealot

We assisted Takealot in optimising their digital advertising sales processes by integrating ADvendio with Salesforce allowing them to deliver exceptional advertising solutions and drive revenue growth.
"We are extremely grateful to CloudSmiths for their invaluable support in streamlining our advertising sales processes. With their expertise and guidance, we were able to optimise our Salesforce implementation and integrate it seamlessly with ADvendio. The results were truly remarkable. Our sales team has enhanced visibility, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. CloudSmiths' deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and their dedication to our success have been instrumental in driving revenue growth and delivering exceptional advertising solutions to our suppliers. We highly recommend CloudSmiths to companies seeking to transform their sales processes and achieve remarkable results."

We successfully assisted Takealot in optimising their digital advertising sales processes. They had already implemented ADvendio, a digital advertising management tool built on the Salesforce platform. Seeking to enhance their sales processes further, they approached us for guidance. We analysed Takealot's existing processes and unique requirements, devising a strategy to enrich, improve, and automate their advertising sales processes using ADvendio. They seamlessly integrated ADvendio with Salesforce, enabling smooth data flow between the systems. Leveraging Salesforce's capabilities, we implemented custom workflows tailored specifically for Takealot, streamlining campaign booking on the website.

Within two months, we successfully optimised Takealot's advertising sales processes. The collaboration improved campaign booking and management, enhanced visibility into customer interactions, increased forecasting accuracy, and faster campaign approval times for the sales team. Thanks to our expertise, Takealot operates with a streamlined and efficient digital sales division. Their advertising sales processes are automated, allowing the team to focus on nurturing customer relationships and driving revenue growth. By integrating Salesforce and ADvendio, Takealot can make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional advertising solutions to their suppliers.