Superfoam was established 38 years ago with the sole aim of providing families, manufacturing, motor, farming and the hospitality industries with a range of sleep solution products such as mattresses and pillows ‘for a good night’s sleep’.

South Africa

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CloudSmiths and Aforza Drive Sales Efficiency and Growth for Superfoam

Superfoam partnered with CloudSmiths and Aforza to implement a mobile-based tool on the Salesforce platform, streamlining their customer relationship management strategy, improving sales team efficiency, and enabling future growth and expansion opportunities.

Superfoam, a sleep solutions company based in Kenya, partnered with us to enhance their customer relationship management strategy by implementing a mobile-based tool on the Salesforce platform, enabling efficient tracking of sales team activities, providing real-time access to customer information, and streamlining the ordering process, ultimately increasing efficiency and saving time for the sales team and management. 

The successful implementation of the Aforza solution resulted in increased productivity and the ability to scale operations, with future plans to integrate with their existing SAP ERP system for stock reporting and movement tracking, further optimising their processes. With our industry expertise and support, they experienced significant benefits in terms of market reach, sales intelligence, and overall operational efficiency, setting the stage for future growth and expansion opportunities.


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