Standard Bank

Standard Bank Group Limited is a major South African bank and financial services group. It is Africa's biggest lender by assets.

South Africa
Financial Services

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Empowering Growth and Transformation for Standard Bank

We have been a trusted partner of Standard Bank since 2019, driving growth and transformation through Salesforce and bespoke solutions, streamlining operations, improving customer experiences, and enabling confident navigation of the financial landscape across Africa.

We have been a trusted partner of Standard Bank since 2019, helping them drive growth and transformation using both Salesforce and bespoke solutions. By architecting a robust solution using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, we enhanced their sales and service processes for a seamless customer experience. 

We handled the rollout across various African countries successfully deploying the solution in 13 countries. We provide support to their Corporate and Investment Banking, Personal and Business Banking, and Insurance divisions streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and enhancing customer relationship management. 

Beyond Salesforce, we supported enterprise architecture and data work, addressing areas outside the Salesforce platform. We helped them with an organisational migration, consolidating multiple orgs into a unified and centralised system. This migration streamlined operations, improved data governance, and enabled them to leverage the full potential of their Salesforce implementation.

Our ongoing partnership continues to drive innovation and success, empowering them to navigate the financial landscape with confidence, embrace new technologies, and deliver exceptional experiences across Africa.


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