SEACOM launched Africa’s first broadband submarine cable system along the continent’s Eastern and Southern coasts in 2009. Today SEACOM is the preferred partner for African businesses, network carriers, and service providers...

South Africa

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Connecting a Continent with Salesforce for Seacom

Streamlined sales and customer onboarding processes, significantly improved lead conversion rates and reduced onboarding through the implementation of Sales Cloud and Lightning Platform.

SEACOM, a leading telecommunications service provider in Africa, turned to us to automate and simplify their sales processes and improve customer onboarding. With our help, they implemented Sales Cloud and Lightning Platform to handle their entire sales journey and streamline operations. Sales Cloud automation improved lead conversion rates, while Lightning Platform facilitated automated approval requests and significantly sped up governance and reporting. 

They also used Salesforce to revolutionise their customer onboarding process, reducing it from 21 days to just three days through an onboarding app built on the platform. Additionally, they leveraged Salesforce to automate commission calculations and provide real-time performance insights to their sales teams. The implementation of Salesforce has not only improved efficiency and transparency but has also positively impacted the employee and customer experience. With Salesforce as their technology foundation, they are well-positioned to continue growing and transforming as a business while serving more customers and spreading connectivity throughout Africa.


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