Plumblink, a Bidvest company, is a specialist plumbing, bathroom and kitchenware merchant currently operating from over 100 branches strategically situated throughout South Africa.

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Transforming Sales Pipeline with Salesforce for Plumblink

Plumblink successfully transformed their sales pipeline management by replacing manual spreadsheets with Salesforce Sales Cloud, streamlining processes, gaining valuable insights, and positioning themselves for future growth and efficiency.

Plumblink faced challenges in managing their sales pipeline using manual spreadsheets, hindering growth and decision-making. To address these issues, we implemented and customised Salesforce Sales Cloud. The transformation streamlined processes, centralised data, and provided transparency, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Leveraging Sales Cloud’s reporting and analysis capabilities, they gained valuable insights for data-driven decisions. Recognising Salesforce as a potent platform with the potential for significant ROI benefits, Plumblink acknowledges that the full return on investment is yet to be fully realised. With active management driving adoption throughout the company, the focus remains on leveraging Salesforce's capabilities to enhance processes and strengthen customer relationships.

"We faced significant challenges managing our sales pipeline with spreadsheets, which hindered our growth and decision-making. Implementing Sales Cloud transformed our processes and provided us with real-time visibility and accurate reporting capabilities. The automation features and tailored configuration have improved our efficiency and empowered our sales team. It's a game-changer for Plumblink. We’re excited to continue to work with CloudSmiths along this journey" - Oswald Abrams, Executive: IT and Marketing, Plumblink

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