Ozow is a South African Fintech company specialising in payment solutions.

South Africa
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Marketing and Sales Automation with Salesforce for Ozow

Ozow partnered with us to implement Pardot, streamlining marketing operations and automating lead management, improving efficiency, engagement, and revenue growth.

Ozow partnered with us to address their marketing and sales automation challenges. We devised a solution by implementing Pardot, a powerful marketing automation platform, to streamline their marketing operations.

We seamlessly integrated Pardot with their existing Salesforce ecosystem, enabling comprehensive lead management and tracking. Through Pardot's automation capabilities, we automated lead management by configuring the system to open and close leads based on predefined criteria. This automation ensured timely follow-ups and increased conversion rates, as leads were routed to the appropriate sales representatives.

To improve engagement with existing accounts, we utilised Pardot to create personalised marketing campaigns. Dynamic content and targeted messaging allowed them to effectively nurture its customer base, resulting in better cross-selling and upselling opportunities. We facilitated the integration of Pardot with their internal platform, aligning sales and marketing efforts. This integration enhanced collaboration and real-time visibility into lead status and customer interactions.

As a result of these efforts, they experienced increased operational efficiency and productivity due to reduced manual efforts in lead management. Furthermore, the personalised marketing campaigns improved account engagement, stronger customer relationships, and increased revenue from cross-selling and upselling activities.