Operating in the majority of Sub-Saharan African countries, MultiChoice is the leading Pay TV provider in most of its markets. Its strategy is to offer the best local and international content across all its platform to customers wherever they are.

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Creating a Single View of the Customer for Multichoice

We helped Multichoice overcome the challenge of understanding customer preferences by integrating Solr, Google BigQuery, and Twigkit to create a single customer view, enabling data-driven business decisions and improved customer experiences.

Multichoice faced the challenge of gaining a comprehensive understanding of their customer's preferences and behaviours. They needed a solution that would provide a single view of the customer and enable them to make data-driven business decisions. That's when they turned to us to help them achieve their goals. We recognised the power of Solr's document index and Google BigQuery for efficient and quick data queries. Leveraging these technologies, we built a robust solution that created a single view of the customer for Multichoice. By integrating Solr's document index and Google BigQuery, we gathered valuable insights into customers' watching and purchasing habits, as well as other demographic information. To make this information easily accessible and actionable, we utilised Twigkit, a powerful visualisation tool. Twigkit allowed Multichoice to drill down into the data at the most granular levels, empowering them to uncover detailed insights about customer preferences and behaviours.

With the implemented solution, Multichoice gained a holistic view of their customers, enabling them to make informed business decisions. They could analyse customer behaviours, identify trends, and tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs and preferences of their customer base. By leveraging Solr, BigQuery, and Twigkit, Multichoice transformed their data into actionable insights, leading to improved customer experiences and increased business success.