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Automating Marketing with Google Cloud for Media24

Media24 partnered with us to effectively manage and leverage their data for automated marketing campaigns by integrating the Everlytic API with their data sources on Google Cloud Platform.

Media24 faced the challenge of effectively managing and leveraging their data for automated marketing campaigns. They wanted to push data from various sources directly to the Everlytic API, a powerful marketing automation platform, on Google Cloud Platform for seamless integration and targeted customer communication. Leveraging our expertise in batch and stream processing, we developed a robust solution to push data directly to the Everlytic API.

The implementation involved integrating Media24's data sources, including customer information, preferences, and behaviour data, with the Everlytic API. We used batch processing to handle larger volumes of data and ensure timely delivery, while stream processing enabled real-time data updates and triggered personalised marketing campaigns.

We enabled them to automate their marketing campaigns by integrating the Everlytic API with their data sources, resulting in targeted and personalised communications. This automation improved customer engagement, increased open and click-through rates, and enhanced operational efficiency by streamlining the data integration process. The batch and stream processing solution provided real-time insights into customer behaviour and preferences, empowering Media24 to make data-driven decisions, optimise marketing strategies, and deliver personalised experiences to their audience.


Everlytic API

A Unified Customer View Before the CDP Era for Media24

Media24 partnered with us to developed an early form of a Customer Data Platform in 2014, successfully integrating massive databases to establish a comprehensive Single View of the Customer. The solution not only improved customer service and identified cross and upsell opportunities but also played a pivotal role in driving data-informed business decisions.

In 2014, well before the rise of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), we had already developed a similar concept for Media24. They faced an immense challenge: managing a massive customer database dispersed across various divisions and subsidiaries, such as LeisureBooks, Spree, and Netwerk24. They aimed to establish a comprehensive Single View of the Customer to improve customer services, identify cross and up-sell opportunities and drive data-driven business decisions.

We developed a cloud-hosted solution that integrated data from all Media24 entities to meet this challenge. Using advanced document indexing and big data technologies, we crafted an efficient system that extracted, transformed, and loaded data into one unified repository.

The final product presented a dynamic and intuitive dashboard with real-time filtering, which visualised customer data, preferences, purchase paths, orders, and open support calls. The solution also intelligently provided next-best-offer suggestions.

This in-depth view highlighted where customers conducted existing business or subscriptions and pinpointed potential opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Our solution gave Media24 a unified understanding of its enormous customer base, successfully deduplicated customer records, and increased its ability to customise offerings based on identified trends. This notable accomplishment strengthened customer relationships and improved the overall success of their business.


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