LifeAssist provides innovative employee well-being and health risk management solutions to businesses across 18 African countries. Companies work with LifeAssist to provide their employees with health, counselling, and support services for a broad range of personal and work-related challenges.

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Transforming IT Infrastructure with Google Cloud for LifeAssist

We successfully updated and migrated LifeAssist’s infrastructure to GCP within two weeks, providing them with a more efficient and secure IT infrastructure and enabling their IT team to focus on delivering customer value.

LifeAssist faced challenges with its existing on-premise IT infrastructure and turned to us for a solution. The infrastructure was fragmented, complex, and difficult to manage, hindering the company's growth. We undertook the task of updating and migrating the applications and databases while adhering to strict regulatory data requirements.

We successfully transitioned to Google Cloud Platform within a remarkably short two-week period. We restructured their data warehouse and migrated it to CloudSQL, a fully-managed database service on Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, the team dockerised the applications and deployed them to Cloud Run, a platform for containerised applications.

The results of the migration were transformative for LifeAssist. Their IT team gained more time to focus on delivering customer value rather than managing infrastructure. Urgent features, fixes, and bugs can now be addressed rapidly and often resolved within a day. Google Cloud Platform's end-to-end security model ensures the security and privacy of LifeAssist's apps and customer data.

LifeAssist has experienced improved operational efficiency, enhanced security, and a more agile approach to customer needs. They can now scale and innovate with confidence, positioning themselves for continued growth and success.



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