Kantar is a multinational company that describes itself as the leading marketing data, insights and consultancy company in South Africa. Their expertise covers advertising and media, analytics, brand growth, consulting, customer experience, consumer, shopper and retail, innovation and product development, public policy and communication, behaviour change research, and qualitative research across various industries.

South Africa

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Unlocking Insights with Azure for Kantar

We collaborated with Kantar and Multichoice to enhance their data-driven decision-making process by building a secure data warehouse, automating analytics, and developing a user interface for data visualisation, resulting in increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and better decision-making.

Kantar and Multichoice collaborated with us to improve their data-driven decision-making process. They needed a solution to consolidate and analyse dispersed data more efficiently. We built a secure data warehouse and automated the analytics process, replacing manual spreadsheet work. We also developed a user interface for data visualisation and reporting, reducing the time required to curate reports. The solution provided an accurate and accessible source of truth for Kantar and Multichoice, empowering them to make better decisions.

The benefits of this solution include increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and better data-driven decision-making. We aim to automate Kantar's processes further, allowing them to remove dependency on outdated data and track activities more effectively. We also aim to address resource management challenges by providing visibility into available resources and optimising customer support. We used PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Django, React, and Azure Data Factory.




Azure Data Factory