Jaguar Land Rover SA

Jaguar Land Rover is a luxury automotive manufacturer built around two iconic British car brands: Land Rover and Jaguar.

South Africa

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Delivering modern vehicle experiences through data-driven strategies for Jaguar Land Rover South Africa

Jaguar Land Rover South Africa partnered with us to enhance data quality, gain timely insights, and improve customer interactions, leading to significant improvements in data accuracy, the ability to address customer loyalty and dealer performance, and the empowerment to leverage data for competitive advantage and build long-term customer loyalty in the automotive industry.

Data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry, given heightened competition and ongoing supply chain challenges. Jaguar Land Rover South Africa recognised the need to meet modern car buyer expectations and improve customer service experiences by harnessing the power of data. Working with us, they embarked on a data journey to enhance data quality, gain timely insights, and inform customer interactions. We overhauled their legacy IT systems, which lacked data quality and the ability to provide valuable insights to sales and customer service teams.

We played a crucial role in the project by understanding their data and building dashboards with Data Studio for better visibility and decision-making. The partnership enabled the company to address customer loyalty, dealer performance, and other important aspects, improving data quality and consistency. The migration to Google Cloud’s Google BigQuery ensured data security and compliance with local data protection laws. Jaguar Land Rover S.A. saw significant improvements in data accuracy, from 60% to 95%, enabling them to create more valuable customer records and enhance marketing campaigns.

With a more modern data environment, they plan to refine customer experiences further and tackle future challenges. They aim to deliver personalised messages to customers at the right time and leverage AI/ML technologies to meet evolving demands, such as the transition to electric vehicles. The partnership has empowered Jaguar Land Rover S.A. to leverage data for competitive advantage, inspire car buyers, and build long-term customer loyalty.


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