Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is a not-for-profit social enterprise that solves youth employment through partnerships. They are working to unlock jobs and break down the barriers that keep millions of young South Africans unemployed. Their vision is of a growing economy and a society that works, powered by the potential of young people.

South Africa

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Helping Solve Youth Unemployment Challenges for Harambee

To connect more unemployed youth with jobs and allow job seekers to apply via mobile apps, Harambee moved to Google Cloud, helping the nonprofit to expand its mission with big data solutions and innovative machine learning algorithms.

Harambee is tackling the issue of youth unemployment by matching high-potential individuals with entry-level positions. To enhance their digital services and leverage data collected from job candidates, they turned to us. We built a cloud-native architecture using Google services such as App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL. 

This architecture allows Harambee to deliver services at scale, analyse large datasets, and provide a better job-seeker experience. They utilise the Google Maps Platform to calculate distances and match candidates with employment opportunities, while BigQuery and Looker enable data analysis and visualisation. They also harness machine learning to predict outcomes and behavioural metrics, aiding candidate-job matching and identifying long-lasting relationships with employers. 

By leveraging Google Cloud technologies and support, they can make a significant impact on youth unemployment in South Africa and elsewhere, opening a world of possibilities for disadvantaged youth.


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