EssenceMediacom is a leading global media agency that specialises in media planning and buying services. With a presence in more than 100 countries, Mediacom helps brands connect with their target audiences through strategic media campaigns across various channels. Their expertise lies in utilising data-driven insights and innovative technology to optimise media strategies and drive business results for their clients.

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Master Data Enrichment with Google Cloud for EssenceMediacom

CloudSmiths rebuilt and extended the capability of a system that enriched and processed EssenceMediacom’s master billings data.

CloudSmiths collaborated with EssenceMediacom to rebuild and enhance their system for enriching and processing master billings data, eliminating the need for manual reporting and analysis in Excel spreadsheets. The chosen architecture, utilising BigQuery, Cloud Composer, and Python, allowed analysts to automate the data workflow and enrichments, leveraging Google Sheets for lookups and business rules. 

The result was a streamlined and scalable cloud-based workflow that significantly improved efficiency and provided valuable insights for EssenceMediacom. The fully automated solution eliminated time-consuming manual processes, allowing analysts to focus on generating insights rather than data processing. The new system provided them with a more efficient and reliable way to manage their media investment data, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.



Cloud Composer

Google Sheets

Building Social Media Connectors with Google Cloud for EssenceMediacom

CloudSmiths partnered with MediaCom to build connectors on Google Cloud Platform that automate data collection from social media platforms, providing a reliable and centralised source of truth for reporting, enabling individual client access, and freeing up analysts' time for driving client growth.

We partnered with MediaCom to address their data extraction and reporting challenges from social media platforms. By leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products, we built connectors that collect data from social media APIs, ensuring accuracy and consistency in reporting. The data is then transferred to Cloud Storage and loaded into BigQuery, where it is split by client for individual access. Tableau integrates with BigQuery for data visualisation and analysis, while Google Cloud Operations Suite monitors for any failures.

The solution has proven to be scalable and easily adaptable to adding new accounts without additional configurations. It efficiently backfills two years of account information, granting access to the complete dataset within a day. They now benefit from a centralised source of truth, enabling analysts to access reliable data before they arrive the next morning. This has freed up valuable time for analysts, allowing them to focus on driving growth for clients instead of waiting on unreliable data.

Through the collaboration, they have achieved a modern, automated, scalable, and reliable solution that optimises their data collection and reporting processes. The implementation of GCP products has transformed their data workflow, providing them with a streamlined and efficient system that enhances their overall performance and client satisfaction.


Google Cloud Platform



Google Cloud Operations Suite