Dentsu is a global marketing and communications company that provides a wide range of services, including advertising, media planning and buying, digital marketing, creative services, and data-driven insights. With a strong presence in over 140 countries, Dentsu serves a diverse portfolio of clients across various industries. The company is known for its innovative and integrated approach to marketing, combining data-driven strategies with creative solutions to deliver impactful campaigns. Dentsu has a strong focus on leveraging technology and digital platforms to drive business growth and connect brands with their target audiences.

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Accelerating Data Initiatives on Azure for Dentsu

Dentsu partnered with us to enhance their team and leverage Azure for data-related initiatives, enabling deeper insights into consumer behavior and optimising marketing strategies through data-driven decision-making.

Dentsu sought our assistance to augment their team and support their data-related initiatives on the Azure cloud platform. Recognising the importance of leveraging data for effective marketing strategies, they partnered with us to enhance their capabilities and achieve their business goals.

With our expertise in team augmentation and deep knowledge of Azure, we seamlessly integrated into their existing team and provided additional resources to accelerate their data work. Our dedicated professionals collaborated closely with their team, bringing valuable insights, technical proficiency, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Working together, we successfully executed various data-related projects on Azure, leveraging its powerful capabilities for data storage, processing, and analysis. Whether it was data migration, data integration, or data modelling, our team played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of these initiatives.

By leveraging Azure's scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics capabilities, we’ve helped them unlock the full potential of their data. This enables them to gain deeper insights into consumer behaviour, enhance campaign targeting and personalisation, and make data-driven decisions to optimise their marketing efforts. Through our collaboration, Dentsu experiences improved efficiency, accelerated project timelines, and enhanced data-driven decision-making.


Data-Driven Decisions and Enhanced Experiences for Dentsu

In collaboration with Google, we partnered with Dentsu to establish the DAN Creative Intelligence Unit, leveraging AI and ML tools to transform their YouTube advertising strategy and provide actionable insights for relevant and attention-grabbing video ads.

In collaboration with Google, we partnered with Dentsu to establish the DAN Creative Intelligence Unit, leveraging Google AI and ML tools to transform their YouTube advertising strategy. By analysing client's YouTube creative assets and gathering activity data, we provided actionable insights to ensure relevant and attention-grabbing video advertising. Through a comprehensive analysis of key dimensions such as people and product, the impact of visuals and text, and the effectiveness of discounts/promotions, we helped uncover trends and opportunities for creative refinement. The findings were compiled into a YouTube Creative Best Practice Insight Report, providing clients with customised insights on branding, consumer connections, and actionable recommendations for optimization. The aim was to create "unskippable" YouTube ads that resonate with viewers and drive engagement. Our partnership with Dentsu, combining their expertise in media, creative, and data science with Google's AI and ML capabilities, has enabled transformative gains in YouTube advertising effectiveness.


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