Anglo American

Anglo American is a globally renowned mining company with a rich history dating back to 1917. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, the company operates across six continents, specialising in the exploration, mining, and processing of various natural resources, including diamonds, platinum, copper and iron ore.

South Africa

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Streamlining Risk Management with Google Cloud for Anglo American

Transforming risk management processes for Anglo American, our digital solution automated their slow and manual document management system, improving risk management, reducing response time to hazards, enhancing mine safety, and enabling efficient ingestion and extraction of scanned documents using Google Cloud products.

Anglo American partnered with us to streamline their risk management processes. We implemented a digital solution to automate the document management system used by their mines. The existing system was slow and manual, requiring extensive data capture. The solution improved risk management, reduced hazard response time, and enhanced mine safety.

The solution involved extracting data from scanned documents, including handwritten text and various safety checklists. We leveraged Google Cloud's Vision API to read and digitise the documents. The implemented solution is fast, reliable, and with the addition of automation, saves valuable time previously spent on manual data capture. We also used Google Cloud's infrastructure, including App Engine Standard, Google Kubernetes, Redis database, and Django Rest Framework API, to ensure scalability, real-time processing, and seamless management of the data pipeline.

The success of the solution was demonstrated at two initial mines and subsequently adopted by 12 more Anglo American mines in South Africa. Further expansion plans included implementing the solution at three mines in Chile and rolling it out globally to 40 mines.


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