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Creating a Personalised News Platform for 24.com

We collaborated with 24.com to create the News24 Edge app, utilising machine learning to deliver personalised news content resulting in accurate categorisation, increased user engagement, and substantial growth for 24.com in the digital media industry.

We helped 24.com create the News24 Edge app, a personalised news platform. Starting as a proof of concept called News24 Scoop, the project evolved into News24 Edge with our expertise. The app utilises machine learning, specifically a Factorization Machine, to understand user preferences and deliver relevant news content tailored to each user. The front end was developed using React Native, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly interface across multiple devices. Content classification was achieved through a custom Neural Network, enabling accurate categorisation of news articles. The collaboration resulted in a successful implementation, providing users with a personalised news experience. News24 Edge became a go-to platform for users seeking relevant and engaging content, boosting user engagement, loyalty, and overall business growth for 24.com. Through our expertise in machine learning, React Native, and neural networks, we empowered 24.com to deliver a cutting-edge personalised news app. This partnership showcases the successful integration of advanced technologies, ultimately establishing 24.com as a prominent player in the digital media industry. We used Google BigQuery, Apache Airflow/Cloud Composer, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google App Engine, and Dataproc/Spark.


Google BigQuery

Apache Airflow/Cloud Composer

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google App Engine