October 12, 2023

My Journey Through Dreamforce 2023: Learnings and Experiences

Ryan reports back on his experience at Dreamforce 2023

My Journey Through Dreamforce 2023: Learnings and Experiences

Written by

Ryan Dube

Strategic Account Manager

Dreamforce 2023 was nothing short of a spectacular learning odyssey for me. The event, brimming with a myriad of sessions and activities, felt like a unique cross between the electric energy of a sold-out Boks game at Ellis Park and a jam-packed cult festival like Woodstock.

A Treasure Trove of Preparation: Jason’s Insightful Pep Talk

Before stepping into the exhilarating whirlwind of Dreamforce, Jason Timm’s (CloudSmiths’ CEO) pep talk was a pivotal compass, helping me navigate the vast and dense forest of information and choices. His careful planning and keen insights provided a sense of direction and purpose, becoming an invaluable resource as I embarked on this journey.

Immersive Product Highlights:

Attending the live keynote, a desire harboured since my digital attendance began in 2016, was an eye-opening experience. The innovations around Slack were particularly exciting. Its potential integration with Teams, and not as a competitor, spoke volumes about its versatile capabilities, especially since video calls are not its priority.

I found the integration of Mulesoft, Tableau, and Slack into the FSC Roadmap extremely insightful, aligning seamlessly with the strategy driven by Data Cloud. However, the standout was undoubtedly the unveiling of Einstein Co-pilot. This feature promises to bring AI power from the backend, like Data Cloud and Mule, to the front end with ease and minimal coding, allowing the incorporation of the Einstein 1 Platform across various clouds, including Sales, Service, and Marketing.

Experiences that Resonate:

Dreamforce 2023 was more than just a conference. It was a full-on immersive experience, with something for everyone. The serenity of Muirwood Forest, the iconic glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the mystique of Alcatraz in the distance were nothing short of visual poetry. And oh, the food! Boudin, Limon, and that amazing Fried Chicken Waffle for breakfast will remain unforgettable; a big thanks to Jason for those delicious recommendations.

The thrill of watching three home runs at a baseball game and the opportunity to connect with the Salesforce black community at the BOLDforce Mixer were profound experiences. And achieving my Salesforce Certified Business Analyst certification amidst all this was the cherry on top of this incredible journey.

Reflections and Realisations:

Dreamforce 2023 was more than a conference; it was a monumental canvas of evolving learning and eclectic experiences. With the foundation of Jason’s meticulous planning and a spectrum of experiences and insights, I traversed this journey with an enriched and nuanced perspective. The overwhelming array of information, sessions, and activities painted a multi-faceted picture of the evolving Salesforce landscape.

There's an essential piece of advice I find myself echoing to South African and African businesses: "Tread with caution in the realm of AI." It's not a call to reject innovation, far from it. It's a plea to recognise that while the world is abuzz with tales of artificial intelligence and its transformative might, we mustn't get swept away by the tidal wave of AI hype. Before we chart our courses into this vast ocean, we must first anchor ourselves with a deep understanding of our unique data landscapes. For businesses on our continent, AI isn't just about integrating the latest algorithms or tools; it's about ensuring we've laid the proper groundwork. It's akin to building a house. Before dreaming of the intricacies of interior design, we must first ensure our foundation is rock-solid. Dive deep into AI, by all means, but let's do so with our eyes wide open, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of what lies beneath. Only then can we truly harness the power of AI, making it work in our unique contexts and for our distinct challenges.

This journey emphasised the essence of thoughtful planning, the thrill of cutting-edge innovation, and the richness of diverse and inclusive experiences. It was a harmonious symphony of knowledge and engagement, a delicate dance between tradition and innovation, creating a timeless odyssey into the heart of Salesforce.

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