March 11, 2024

Einstein Copilot: What its Release Means For You

After months of build up and anticipation, Salesforce has finally released its Einstein Copilot. Read more about this exciting development here

Einstein Copilot: What its Release Means For You

Written by

Angelique Tzanakakis


Copilot spans all Salesforce apps and aims to bolster team and employee productivity through AI-driven operational heavy lifting. With its beta release now available, more users will be able to harness its capabilities to improve and streamline sales and operational processes across the customer lifecycle - and in good time too. 

According to recent research released by Slack, 86% of IT executives expect Gen. AI to have a significant impact on their enterprises in 2024, and 80% of employees already using it have experienced a productivity boost. 

So how does Einstein Copilot work? And what makes it unique from other existing Gen. AI copilots already developed by big names like Microsoft? Let’s take a closer look. 

How does Copilot work?

At its core, Einstein Copilot is an AI assistant that allows users to execute tasks based on customised prompts. Copilot essentially allows users to customise and create natural language prompts, using the Prompt Builder tool, that governs its responses and capabilities. Sitting within the CRM, Copilot has access to data across the entire Salesforce product suite and can provide informative, real-time answers. To do this, Copilot utilises the capabilities of Data Cloud to access data from any Salesforce Cloud across the platform. 

Central to its Copilot’s foundation and operability is the Einstein Trust Layer, a protective barrier that provides the highest standards of data security, privacy, and ethical usage of customer data by an AI platform. 

Einstein Trust ensures that consumer and business data is protected against potential bias and loss, and maintains data confidentiality at all times. This can’t be stressed enough - Einstein Trust Layer is the operational foundation of Copilot - it cannot run without it. 

What makes it unique?

What sets Einstein Copilot apart from other AI copilots is the depth to which it goes to create connections and meta-connections between data. The key here is Copilot’s use of contextual data - metadata that gives meaning and context to data. Salesforce’s metadata model predates Gen AI and Copilot but gives it a powerful advantage in terms of contextual prowess. 

On top of this, its link to Data Cloud allows for easy, instant unification, harmonising and cleansing of data from multiple Salesforce sources. Data Cloud can also connect with external data lakes and warehouses like Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift. 

A closer look at Copilot’s key features 

Advanced processing and understanding

Copilot is designed to boost productivity by offering advanced, yet easy-to-use “out-of-the-box” capabilities. The user can access these capabilities by creating one, or a stream, of NLP prompts instructing Copilot to execute tasks or perform other functions, creating a speedy and streamlined workflow across all Salesforce platforms. Copilot’s advanced understanding of complex NLP processes, coupled with its Gen. AI capabilities, do the heavy lifting for users, completing data-heavy tasks within minutes.  

Customised insights 

Because Copilot has immediate access to unlimited data within your CRM, it can provide extremely complex, detailed insights and responses to prompts and queries. Instead of providing pre-defined, generic responses, Copilot grounds all of its replies in your existing, real-time business data that gives it a deeper understanding of your customers, operations, and processes. As a result, it can provide highly customised, smart insights and suggestions that are tailor-made for your business.

Optimised customer engagements

Copilot works in tandem with a large language model (LLM) to analyse a user’s query or prompt and identify the best series of actions to meet it. But Copilot doesn’t stop at simply meeting user requests or instructions. It actively works to identify potential next steps or actions that will optimise the result of the user’s request and, by extension, their engagement with potential and existing customers. 

Built-in trust at every level

All of Copilot’s capabilities are governed by the Einstein Trust Layer, meaning that every prompt submitted by a user will be processed, evaluated and executed based on the strictest data privacy and security measures. The Einstein Trust Layer masks personally identifiable information (PII), checks outputs for bias, and protects sensitive data from potential loss or theft through unauthorised access. 

Where to from here

With Copilot at the wheel, teams across departments can take on and complete time-consuming tasks with ease. From streamlining sales and support operations to enhancing tailored marketing campaigns and guiding transaction support and resolution activities, Copilot can augment and enhance every operational process running within your business ecosystem. 

It’s a powerful tool that, when fully refined beyond its beta stage, can bridge the gap between the efficiency and revenue outputs organisations want to achieve and what they actually achieve due to current operational limitations. 

For a deeper understanding of how Einstein Copilot could support your workflows, or how you can better harness your in-house data, book a consultation with us at CloudSmiths. 

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