November 28, 2023

BigQuery Data Clean Rooms: Revolutionising Privacy-Centric Data Sharing

The shift towards a more collaborative and data-centric business world is undeniable. But with great power comes great responsibility.

BigQuery Data Clean Rooms: Revolutionising Privacy-Centric Data Sharing

Written by

Hardus Swanepoel

Head of Innovations Services

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, over 6 000 organisations share a staggering 275 PBs of data every week using BigQuery. Data collaboration across firms, made possible by tools like Analytics Hub built on BigQuery, has drastically minimised data movement challenges.

But with varied data comes varied responsibilities. Some data types demand more robust regulatory and privacy controls, necessitating an added layer of protection, especially when analysing multi-channel marketing data across industries. 

BigQuery Data Clean Rooms 

To address this need, Google Cloud recently introduced BigQuery data clean rooms. Available now, these clean rooms will allow enterprises to: 

  • Collaborate securely while keeping user privacy intact 
  • Dive into audience insights without compromising data security 

Understanding Data Clean Rooms

Imagine an ultra-secure environment where various entities can seamlessly collaborate, mesh, and analyse their treasured data assets, all without shifting or exposing the actual data. This is precisely what data clean rooms offer.

What Makes BigQuery Data Clean Rooms Stand Out?

Built atop the Analytics Hub platform, BigQuery data clean rooms serve as an evolution to the standard data exchange systems. While the latter facilitates broad-scale data sharing across organisations, the clean rooms take it a notch higher by catering to sensitive and private data collaboration requirements. They bring an arsenal of enhanced security controls to shield the raw data alongside enforcing privacy norms stipulated by the data owners.

Key Applications of Data Clean Rooms

  • Marketing & Campaign Management: They allow entities (like sellers and buyers) to blend their first-party data, enriching it, all while ensuring utmost privacy.
  • Performance Analysis: By pairing customer data with media performance metrics, businesses can glean deeper insights into their marketing campaigns, leading to smarter decisions.
  • Customer Insights Activation: Merging customer datasets with those of other stakeholders deepens the understanding of client profiles, paving the way for sharper segmentation and impactful media strategies.

Beyond Marketing: Where Else Do Clean Rooms Shine?

  • Retail & CPG: Retailers can meld their point-of-sale data with marketing insights from CPG companies, honing their promotional strategies.
  • Financial Realm: By pooling sensitive data from diverse sources, like government agencies and multiple banks, there’s potential for more robust fraud detection and sharper credit risk evaluations.
  • Healthcare: Physicians and pharmaceutical wizards can securely share insights, gaining a better grasp of patient responses to various treatments.
  • Supply Chain Dynamics: By amalgamating data from suppliers and marketers, businesses can garner a holistic view of a product's journey, from creation to consumption.

In essence, the age of siloed data is behind us. With tools like BigQuery's data clean rooms, businesses can navigate the data collaboration space with both agility and peace of mind.

How Does it Work?

Creating a data clean room is a breeze. Through the Analytics Hub, data clean rooms can be deployed across all BigQuery regions in mere minutes. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Easy creation and deployment via the Google Cloud console of APIs 
  • Data contributors maintain full control, sharing data in-place without needing to move or copy 
  • Rapid sharing and updates to the data, ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy 
  • Comprehensive logs and metrics for contributors, showcasing data usage 

Furthermore, there are no additional costs associated with the BigQuery data clean rooms other than regular storage and query expenses. 

For those requiring enhanced privacy guarantees, Google Cloud offers the Confidential Space.


A Much-needed Solution for Today’s Collaborative Era

The fact that over 6,000 organisations share an astounding 275 PBs of data weekly via BigQuery is a testament to the rapid digital transformation and data-centric decision-making era we live in. But as with every innovation, there's a need for responsible and privacy-focused execution. BigQuery data clean rooms seem to be an exemplary response to this challenge.

Empowering Secure Collaboration

The concept of data clean rooms is not just innovative; it’s transformative. In my role as the Head of Innovation, I’m constantly evaluating tools that empower collaboration without compromising security. BigQuery data clean rooms hit the mark. They offer an environment where data privacy isn't just a byproduct but a core feature.

Evolving Beyond Standard Data Exchange Systems

While the Analytics Hub has already been a game-changer, adding data clean rooms signifies Google Cloud's commitment to continually refine and elevate its offerings. I'm impressed by how these clean rooms serve as an enhancement over standard data exchange systems, focusing particularly on sensitive and private data collaboration.

Broad Applications Underscore Their Value

What truly stands out is the versatility of BigQuery data clean rooms. Whether it's refining marketing strategies, sharpening financial risk assessments, or driving insightful collaborations in healthcare, the potential applications of these clean rooms are vast. This universality underscores their potential to become an integral tool for many industries.

Streamlined Execution with Transparency

Operational efficiency is crucial for any new tool. The fact that these clean rooms can be deployed quickly and offer contributors a clear view into how their data is used instils confidence. Moreover, the transparent cost structure (focusing on just storage and queries) is a refreshing approach, eliminating the fear of hidden expenses.

Final Thoughts

The shift towards a more collaborative and data-centric business world is undeniable. But with great power comes great responsibility. BigQuery data clean rooms, in my opinion, are a pivotal step towards marrying the two, ensuring that as we step into the future, we do so responsibly. The world of siloed data might indeed be behind us, and I, for one, am excited about the possibilities ahead.

Your Next Steps 

Curious about harnessing the power of BigQuery data clean rooms? Watch the BigQuery customer roadmap session or engage with us to initiate your data clean room journey.

Remember, in the age of collaboration, ensuring data privacy is not just a choice—it's a responsibility. And with BigQuery data clean rooms, we're here to make that journey seamless. 


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